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4 Ways to Keep Cycling Over the Winter

Started on Nov 24, 2014 by Lisa Thomas
Activity: Cycling
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1) Trainer or Rollers: These are the best way to keep the training in your comfort zone. With a trainer (sometimes called a turbo trainer) or rollers you are free to set up your favorite movie or cycling video. I personally like to watch cycling on the trainer, it helps to stoke the fire for the next season and also you can pick up great tips or form. Deciding between rollers or riding the trainer is a personal preference. Some riders prefer the read road feel of the rollers and mental engagement that it requires. Rollers can be harder to perform sprints or hard force efforts unless you have a unit that offers resistance or a fork stand. On the other hand, the turbo trainer requires little mental concentration but can lack the feel of riding a bicycle. The trainer allows you to zone out and get a good work out while watching a show or listen to music. Another benefit is the stability and resistance of most trainers. This stability is great for sprints and hard efforts. The rider can concentrate on the work out instead of staying on the rollers.

2) Spin Class: We’ve all seen it; an instructor with a headset on barking orders at sweating, pain faced riders. Welcome to Spin Class. A spin class is the perfect way to keep your riding fitness through the winter and work some different muscle groups. The condensed format of a spin class makes it perfect for the person who wants to get a great workout in a small amount of time. Spin classes mimic the efforts of cycling and even offer the feeling of real world riding with SPD compatible pedals, so you can use your regular riding shoes. If you haven’t tried a spin class I highly recommend it. Just come prepared with some water, a towel, and be ready to work out!

3) Bundle up: It’s not like we stay inside our houses all winter right? So why can’t we just add some extra layers and get outside and ride? Right! Having the correct gear can turn your winter frown upside-down. Remember to layer properly and dress for the occasion; if you’re hitting the road for a ride wear wind proof garments. Head winds on the road can be downright painful without ear and face protection. If you’re in the woods you will want to be ready for slush and mud. Wearing waterproof shoe covers and gaiters are a great way to keep your feet warm and dry. Fleece can be better than wind proof gear in the woods because you’re not encountering much head wind and you can over heat quickly on climbs and hike-a-bike sections. Always remember to carry chemical hand warmers just in case!

4) Fat Bike: A Fat Bike is an excellent choice for enjoying the winter weather. Fat bikes, for those who are unfamiliar, are bicycles with 4-5 inch tires that are designed to be ridden in snow and sand. Fat bikes can be seen all over the trails, not just in the winter time, and that’s what so great about riding one. Just take a few pedal strokes, and I guarantee you’ll have a smile on your face. You’ll be looking for the closest trails. Since fat bikes can tip the scales at 30 plus pounds be prepared for a work out.
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