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Exercises For Posture and Back Pain Relieve

by Lisa Thomas, Dec 2, 2016 | Views: 74107
Sitting most of the day is the leading cause of posture problems. Posture problems are the leading cause of back pain, nerve impingement, discs degeneration and weakened blood circulation in the torso. And as our society progresses more and more towards jobs that require sitting in front of computer screens for prolong periods of time, it’s clear that this problem won’t... More »

What I learned after being diagnosed with Parkinsonís at age34.

by Christian Banda, Nov 29, 2016 | Views: 97759
I use to be a person who would blame others for my lack of success. More »

Breathing Exercises to Achieve Peak Physical Performance

by Hofís Breathing Method, Jul 15, 2016 | Views: 78881
Wim Hof’s Breathing Exercises - Change Your Breath, Change Your Life The 57-year-old Dutchman has spent decades pursuing obscure feats, nearly all of which are designed to demonstrate his singular ability to withstand extreme cold: climbing to 20,000 feet on Mount Everest while wearing only shorts and shoes; running a marathon barefoot above the Arctic Circle; staying subme... More »

5 Ways to Lighten Your Bicycle

by Active Bunch, Jul 5, 2016 | Views: 77529
1. Specialized S-Works Romin Evo Pro Saddle You can find sub-100g saddles if you are looking for maximum weight savings, but often that means foregoing comfort or spending your cash savings. At $300, Specialized’s brand-new S-Works Romin Evo Pro saddle is very light and feature-filled, with a soft-tissue cutout, multiple widths (135mm, 143mm, and 155mm), and a combination ... More »

Store-Bought Smoothies Could Contain More Calories Than a Big Mac

by, Jan 16, 2016 | Views: 56165
A few of the shakes and ice-based frappes contained up to 20.5g of saturated fat – more than twice a Big Mac. That’s while the average Australian is recommended to have no more than 16g saturated fat a day. More »

How to Loosen Your [Running] Feet With a Golf Ball

by Jason Devaney, Nov 17, 2015 | Views: 54993
“A lot of runners have tight muscles in their feet and it can result in inflammation and/or plantar fasciitis,” says certified strength and conditioning coach Wendy Warren, M.S.. “Also, heel-striking can greatly affect foot inflammation issues as well.” More »

Why Bicycle Thieves Love Strava

by Active Bunch, Nov 10, 2015 | Views: 57996
Police forces are warning cyclists who use ride-sharing sites and apps – such as Strava – that thieves are now searching them to identify houses with expensive bikes to steal. More »

6 Reasons Why You Want to Wear S-Works Prevail Helmet

by Active Bunch, Nov 9, 2015 | Views: 57568
1. Ventilation is really good with the S-Works Prevail. Vents are aligned from front to back so air can easily flow through and exit. Specialized calls this “4th Dimension Cooling System.” More »

3 Rules for Listening to Music on a Ride

by Selene Yeager, Oct 25, 2015 | Views: 57758
Research shows that tuning in to your favorite jams can make you ride happier, harder, and faster. Music is scientifically proven to reduce perceived exertion, boost your energy levels, and increase your endurance by as much as 15 percent. More »

Bird of Prey - a New Bicycle Design

by Ben Coxworth, Oct 20, 2015 | Views: 68587
When it comes to bicycles with different types of seating positions, everyone is familiar with uprights and recumbents. There is, however, a lesser-known third option – prone. While these have formerly been limited to one-off bikes aimed at speed record attempts, Bird of Prey Bicycles is now offering a semi-prone aimed at everyday users. It may look a little quirky, but it is claimed to have several advantages over other bikes. More »

People Who Eat Grilled Cheese Have More Active Love Lives

by Jenn Harris, Oct 19, 2015 | Views: 57800
According to a new survey of its members by the dating site Skout, if and how you like your grilled cheese says something about your sex life. More »

Cook Brown Rice Perfectly Every Time

by Hannah Rex, Oct 18, 2015 | Views: 57953
Cooking rice might seem as easy as throwing it into boiling water and walking away, but if you’ve ever had a rice mishap, you know that’s far from the truth. You do one thing wrong and you end up with a pile of mush. You do another thing wrong and you have got burnt rice stuck to the bottom of the pot for all eternity. More »

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