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Plantar Fasciitis, Shin Splints, Achilles Pain and Heel Pain Stretch

Started on Jan 8, 2017 by Bogie B
Activity: Running
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- Use as much body-weight as you can stand (but make sure youíre not directly on your shin BONE, that will hurt and not in a good way).
- Focus on MOVEMENT of your foot more than anything else.
- When you point your toes (plantar flexion), REALLY pointÖlike a ballerina! This is where the GOLD is. When you rotate, rotate ALL the way. Donít half-ass your movements or youíll be robbing yourself of results!
- I donít want you massaging the calf with your body weight (that wonít do much of anything, except hurt).
- Go after MULTIPLE spots. Donít be afraid to HUNT for the best ones by moving up and down on the calf, by rotating your hips or placing your bottom leg in slightly different positions on the roller. BUT, once you find a good spot, STAY there and move your foot (stop moving your hips or rolling on the roller).
- Your top leg should always be PARALLEL-ish to the roller with your body weight coming down onto it.
- RememberÖyouíre addressing FASCIA not muscle, and fascia needs to be pinned and THEN stretched. The best result happens when you get the fascia to change itself, rather than trying to manipulate it from the outside with force.
- Everyone will be a bit different in regards to how long to perform this and how often, but a good general beginner recommendation would be about 30 SECONDS on each spot (thatís plenty if youíre doing it correctly!) and you may find 3-4 spots per calf. I recommend doing this once a day for a week, and then adjust as necessary based on your results.
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