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Jahorina Ultra Trail

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Past Event
Host: Sanja Kavaz
Start: Saturday, August 1, 2015 12:15am
Repeat: No
Activity: Running
Location: Jahorina, Republica Srpska, Bosnia And Herzegovina
City: Jahorina, Bosnia And Herzegovina | View Map
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Dear runners, you can collect your Jahorina Ultra Trail start packet according to the following timetable:

Sarajevo, Stari Grad Municipality Building, Zelenih beretki 4, Velika sala, Wednesday, 29/07/2015, 12:00-20:00;
Jahorina, Termag Hotel, Thursday, 30/07/2015, 12:00-20:00;
Jahorina, Termag Hotel, Friday, 31/07/2015,12:00-22:00.

Please, bring your ID card and the compulsory equipment with you for the check. If taking part in a Midi Trail race as a „Military/police“category, please also bring your official ID.

The following equipment is considered compulsory for all Midi, Maxi and Ultra participants:
camel bag or bottles that contain at least one liter of liquid,
space blanket,
head lamp with spare batteries,
mobile phone with reliable battery.

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