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White Bull 2016 Trail Series

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Past Event
Host: Randy Shoemaker
Start: Saturday, November 5, 2016 7:30am
Repeat: No
Activity: Running
Location: Chumash Trail, Simi Valley, California 93063
City: Simi Valley, California, United States | View Map
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Registration is open! Race dates are November 5, 12 and 19 here in Simi Valley! Hope you can join us for our 5th annual event.

- Three Races in the Winter Series.
- Each Race is a different day and a different trail.
- You can register to run one, two or all three races.
- To PLACE in our series you must run all three races.
- Top Three Series (in each distance) Overall and Female Awards.
- Finisher Medals go to those finishing two of the three races.
- Race Shirts included in Full Series Competitors (all 3 races) while supplies last race shirts may be purchased on Race Day. Sign up early to get a shirt.

In a nutshell: 5 mile race distance. We produce (and you run) three different races on three different days. Each race finish time is noted. If you are part of the series we add your times up over the course of the series. The top three runners with the least time are the top male and female. Each race day we have two standings: that day’s race as well as an accumulative time for runners participating in all four races. You may sign up week by week, but that is more expensive. All 3 Races for $85, 2 races for $70 and 1 race for $40.

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