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6 Reasons Why You Want to Wear S-Works Prevail Helmet

Active Bunch, Nov 9, 2015

1.  Ventilation is really good with the S-Works Prevail. Vents are aligned from front to back so air can easily flow through and exit. Specialized calls this “4th Dimension Cooling System.”

2.  Comfort is incredible. It is light, looks good, and fits very well. 

3.  Front vents are also designed to hold sunglasses. 

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4.  The helmet is easy to fit for the first time. Additionally, Mindset micro-dial fit system is easy to adjust even during the ride. 

5.  The straps are very thin, much thinner than any other helmet. They never seem to twist.

6.  Added bonus is that the helmet has reflective decals for increased visibility in low-light conditions.Specialized S-Works Prevail Team Helmet

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