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How to Loosen Your [Running] Feet With a Golf Ball

Jason Devaney, Nov 17, 2015

“A lot of runners have tight muscles in their feet and it can result in inflammation and/or plantar fasciitis,” says certified strength and conditioning coach Wendy Warren, M.S.. “Also, heel-striking can greatly affect foot inflammation issues as well.”

As a runner, your feet will take a pounding, regardless of what shoes you wear or how much experience you have. Rolling your foot over a golf ball is a simple solution for both treating and preventing foot pain and injuries.

Step 1: Take off your shoes and socks and place a golf ball under one foot. Starting from the front, work the ball back toward your heel. (Freezing the golf ball ahead of time can help relieve inflammation).

Loosen Your Feet With a Golf Ball

Step 2: As you roll the ball, apply pressure where needed. “If you find a spot that is particularly tender, hold it there for at least 15 to 20 seconds,” Warren says. “Move on, but revisit it again one more time.”

Why Exercise Alone?

Join local running Groups and/or Events.

If you feel pain during the exercise, there might be a bigger issue. “The pain you feel should not be avoided, because it is indicative of a problem area that needs to be released,” Warren says.

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